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CEO Network Partners

CEO Network Partners is the quickest way to the right people – the decision makers who purchase your products and services.  CEO groups are true referral networks. They are structured so members promote their business and take note of each others’ weekly referral requests. In this fashion, members actively identify profitable prospects for one another. The referral exchange has produced exceptional sales results for over 20 years.

With weekly one-on-one meetings, members literally become advocates for each others’ businesses, endorsing each other to substantially increase revenue.

Each referral group is focused on a specific market segment so that all members have clients that may be prospects for the others.  In addition there is the limitation of one member per profession, which creates a non-competitive, supportive environment.

Our vision is to increase your revenue. We are:

  • Strongly focused on results for profitable sales
  • Skill based for effective interaction and endorsements
  • Structured with active weekly meetings for top-of-mind awareness
  • Productively interactive through a web-based portal

Visit a CEO Network Partners group and discover for yourself why it is The Quickest Way to the Right People! Join us today in either Houston or Dallas, Texas to multiply your revenues.

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